Beekeeping since 2007

George Soppitt - Beekeeper

George started beekeeping in 2007 when his role delivering horticultural and conservation in a special educational school led him to discover more about the environmental importance and therapeutically benefits of working with bees.

What started as a hobby quickly became a passion that grew in to family business.

A little about us and our Bees…

We produce 100% unblended raw English honey;
Our main apiary site is next to the Magnificent Whitworth Hall Spennymoor the home of Bonnie Bobby Shafto.
From there our bees can access the abundant Co Durham Farmland and all the wonderful wildflowers the banks of the River Wear can offer.
We work with our local farmers and nature reserves to find specially selected apiary sites to help pollinate Co Durham’s crops and plants through out the spring and summer months producing some of Co Durham’s finest honeys.
From late July the bees are taken to some of Co Durham’s most stunning landscapes: The North Pennines with attractive dales villages and open heather moorlands, here they will stay till late August, giving us the distinctive Co Durham Heather Honey.
And once the autumn comes the bees are back at the apiary to over winter, getting ready to do it all again in the spring.
….….. Our Brilliant Busy Busy Bees


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